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Working hard in the studio...

Just thought I would update you on what I have been working on. After taking a year off entering art awards etc, I felt ready to return to submitting my work to various awards and exhibitions again. It is a lot of work to prepare work, do the entries etc but it is also a form of structure for your process. Timelines and deadlines do tend to get me very productive in the studio!

So, I had a successful night at Perth College, selling three pieces all up. It was so nice to meet some of the people who purchased my work - always a bonus... I also have had a piece accepted into the Rockingham Art Awards and also two pieces accepted by selection into the Minnawarra Art Awards, the first year that I have been successful in my application to this one, so very pleased. Coming up I also have Beverley, MLC, and Hale Art Exhibitions - so as you can see, I am very busy in the studio.

"The tideline" - sold at Fine Art at Perth College exhibition.

But most importantly, I have an exhibition coming up! The National Hotel has created a beautiful gallery space called the Staircase Gallery. I do love this Hotel and this beautifully restored space which runs over the 4 levels of the staircase. Historic brick walls mix with white gallery walls and great lighting - its very unique. I am working with two other great artists - Teresa Fernandez (otherwise known as Sophie Wombat Designs) and Melissa Bentley. The three of us are very different in our approaches and focus, but somehow we all tend to capture those quiet moments of contemplation, so I think its a good collaboration. And it has been a great experience of working together to put this exhibition together...

"Let us go now..." - heading to the Staircase Gallery for my exhibition

Opening night is the 29th of May - times and details to be confirmed.

Lastly, preparations are well underway for my artist residencies later this year. Car hire - tick. Plane tickets - tick. Accomodation - tick. Ferry to Shetland Islands (12 hours each way!) - tick. Purchase of warm and waterproof coats - tick... Still lots to do, and I am still working out the logistics of travelling with art supplies and works in progress etc. But its all very exciting and lots of fun in the preparation... One of my favourite things to do in the whole world is plan travel. Love the whole thing of looking at maps, considering different accomodation options etc - maybe I am a frustrated travel agent?

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