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Having a long history of exploring different artistic mediums and crafts, I finally arrived at oils.  Inspired by a European tour and the amazing art galleries, I returned to Australia determined to buy some oil paints and brushes.  I fell in love with the medium, and have been exploring its complexities ever since.  Working in oils on canvas and board, I paint landscapes, cloudscapes and the occasional still life, attempting to capture mood and atmosphere. Having grown up in the Wheatbelt of WA, I often depict themes associated with my family farm and the open expanses of the agricultural landscape. Another theme I return to time and time again, is the sky and water - whether it is the beach or river or even a shallow lake in the Wheatbelt, I find the endless combination of sky and reflection very inspiring.  This fascination with skies and horizon is a reoccurring theme in much of my work...   Someone asked me the other day why I paint skies - I think my obsession with sky, weather and horizon is part of my childhood where the barometer was tapped daily by my dad (farmer), the first thing we ever talked about is the weather and with a pretty flat and empty landscape, the long horizon line was always a significant feature of any outlook...  This appreciation of sky and horizon has definitely carried over into my other work as well.


I think my paintings speak to a sense of place and moments in time – more an impression than a specific depiction of landscape.  I seek to evoke a memory or feeling that means something to those who see my work.  I find that many people who see my work "place" themselves either in the picture, or in the experience itself that does not necessarily relate to the specific landscape/site that I have painted....  I find this ability of the viewer a really interesting process in itself - they just are what they are -  to whoever views them.  ... 





Artist CV


Solo Exhibitions


2022              "VAST - Painting the Pilbara" Nyisztor Gallery

2021               Kalamunda Artrooms Open Studio Tour

2019.              Staircase Gallery at the National

2018               Kalamunda Open Studio Tour

2017               Kalamunda Open Studio Tour

2016                Kalamunda Open Studio Tour

2016               “Look Up”, The White Room Gallery, Kalamunda

2016               “Near & Far: 2 Perspectives” Exhibition,

                        ZigZag Gallery, Kalamunda

2015                “Southern Skies” The White Room Gallery, Kalamunda

2015                Kalamunda Open Studio Tour


Group Exhibitions


2023                Beat of the Land, Blackroom Galllery, CSC

2023                Fine Art @ Hale               

2022                Fine Art @ Hale (Outstanding Art Award)

2021                Rockingham Art Awards (Heritage Award)

2020                Fine Art @ Hale

2020                Perth College Art Exhibition

2019                Rockingham Arts Award

2019.               Perth College Art Exhibition

2018.               Darlington Arts Festival Reserve Art Prize Exhibition                    

2017                Darlington Arts Festival Reserve Art Prize Exhibition

2017                Dowerin Field Days Art Exhibition

                        (Awards including Grand Prize)

2017                Methodist Ladies College Art Exhibition (Principal’s Choice Award)

2017                Perth College Art Exhibition, Mt Lawley WA

2017                Mandjar Art Exhibition, Mandurah Arts Centre, WA

2016                Beverley Art Exhibition (Highly Commended)




2023.               'In her voice" Artist residency, Pilbara WA

2023.                Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart TAS

2022.               Arrernte painting tour

2021                Cheela Plains/Pilbara Artist Collab

2019                Brisons Veor Trust, Cape Cornwall

2019                WASPS, Admiral House, Skey, Scotland I      

2019                 WASPS, The Booth, Shetland        



Gallery Aura, Kojunup WA

The Shetland Gallery, Yell Shetland

Solo Gallery, Innerleithen, Scotland

Social Media







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