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Pushing boundaries

I feel that I am pushing forward with a particular direction in my art at the moment. While still painting landscapes, I feel that I am striving for that minimal but intense Australian feeling of environment. Our landscapes are so vast, so stark and so intense.

This is my latest piece - Alba. The painting is from a visit to one of my favourite beaches in the Great Southern, Nanorup Beach. I worked the intensity of the sky with a series of glazes to give depth and to achieve that particular horizon haze that Australian skies feature in summer. The beach is worked in a heavy impasto technique - using of all things a credit card to apply the paint and mark making. The whole painting is worked in a really minimal colour palette - and it really brings back the intensity of that summer day... where the sky is almost too much. A beautiful memory.

Alba (Nanorup Beach) 2018. Oil on canvas, 105x105cm.

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