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A new year, a new painting...

The joy of summer holidays means time to paint. It has been ages since I have written a blog post and thought I had better get organised with the New Year...

I finished this today and is sitting on a spare easel doing the waiting and watching part of being a finished painting. Quite often in about a week I just notice something that I might touch up, but largely - this is done... This painting is of Little Beach in Albany. It depicts a pre dawn moment when the light is just starting to catch a few details, but the rest is still in darkness. Of course, we had the beach to ourselves, no one else is mad enough to get up at 4am to catch light - except of course, photographers and artists...

"Before the light", Little Beach Albany WA

I had another great week in Albany, the skies were different every day which makes for great paintings. I painted every day in the afternoon after swimming in the morning - pure bliss. Working from sketches and photos, I have about a thousand painting ideas in my head, all waiting to get out. I am also working on some very big paintings of Nanorup Beach at the moment, so will share these soon - I promise.

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