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Open Studios 2016

What a fantastic day I had - I talked art all day long with over 100 people by my estimates. All the hard work in getting my house ready etc was worth it - and even though I was absolutely exhausted by that evening, I went to bed very happy, especially after reading through my visitors book.

What struck me in reading through this book, where people leave comments about your work, is how many commented on my work being calming or evoking a memory. No greater compliment could I receive I think, than someone finding my work peaceful or calming. It really is the feeling that I aim for in my art. When I visit many of these places that end up in my paintings, I find that I often find that feeling of calmness in the face of the ocean or the sky or the wheatbelt landscape etc. One painting that I did last year, was of the sky, standing in of all places, outside OfficeWorks in Midland. In the midst of all that busy hustle and bustle, I looked up and saw the most amazing cloud formations. I am sure I was the only one standing in the car part gazing at the sky, but I think that even in the most mundane of places you can find moments of beauty and calm. I am so glad that many people find that sense of calm in my paintings. There often isn't a lot happening in them, no busy street scenes etc, but as I said to lots of people on Sunday - I paint what I like, and in the midst of my really busy life - I like calmness.

Anyway, back to Open Studio - thanks to everyone who came along, thanks to my lovely helpers Kath and Fi and thankyou to my gorgeous girls who helped me the whole year, and especially over the last two weeks. They know how much I appreciate it!

I will leave you with some pics of my house and pop up gallery...

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