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On the Loose...

This very loose rendition of roses is coming along quite well at the moment. This is just a detail of a much bigger composition.

My roses are nearly all "in" and am now turning my attention to the silver vase and background second layer. This painting is quite big - 90x90cm - and have been working with some really big house painting brushes - it does indeed keep things loose! A bit of tidying to do with highlights in the leaves etc, but I like to let this dry at this stage as the urge to keep tidying is to be resisted at all costs.

Anyway - I am hoping my darling Aunty Pat (who I always write for....) is liking the pretty roses - they are from my garden. They were Felicia I think, and their perfume is absolutely beautiful! Just like my painting, Felicia roses are very loose, and really only last a day in a vase before dropping everywhere. But the smell is worth every dropped petal...

Have a lovely week everyone....and a big big hug to my Aunty Pat... hope you are feeling better soon!


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