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Weekends = Painting time

I have had 2 great days of painting. I just love my weekend painting time. I have been really focused the past few weeks on my art. In fact, our lounge room and dining room have been overtaken with panels as I am working on a number of paintings - as you know, my studio is tiny and I keep leaning paintings up against the walls to dry in the front rooms. Oh well, my girls are used to a touch of creative crazy in this house.

Today was all about finishing some little mini panels - only about 6x6 inches on average. These little paintings are really good for making you break detail down into simple gestures. I do quite like this minimal approach. You don't get caught up in detail. Anyway, I am liking the way that they are going. These will all be available at the Kalamunda Open Studios this October. Details to come!

These are all of Albany seascapes except for the dark grey cloud - that was from the wild! ferry ride to Rottnest on the July holidays...

I have also put down the background for a lovely dark and moody roses still life. Speaking of still life, I spent some of yesterday shooting the beautiful wattle that is everywhere at the moment. I am dreaming of a wattle still life against a navy/blue style background...

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