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One of those days...

It was one of those days in the studio today... I was ready to put the blue and white flowers on my vase painting, but the last layer wasn't dry enough... I was ready to sketch in the outline of a Rottnest painting I am doing for a friend, but could only get the tone background down and wouldn't dry quickly enough. I did quite a bit of work on a little white vase, but you guessed it - it needs another layer before the highlights go in. And finally, I would have loved to put the final glaze on my large white bowl painting, but thought I had better give it a few more days drying time. So lots of bits and pieces, but nothing finished. Sigh.

Nothing ready to share as a finished piece.

So thought I would share my studio space - its not big! I desperately want more space - to view my large paintings I actually have to stand on the verandah (not so good in this weather) or stand in our loungeroom. I am tripping over canvases all the time, which drives me crazy. I am seriously looking at filling in my carport, but this won't happen overnight. When I say my studio is small, it would be around 3.5m long by 2 wide. Add in two easels and a painting table, you quickly run out of room. However, I know that there are artists working on their kitchen table, so I am relatively lucky I know.

Anyway, here is one corner of my studio - this white easel is actually a converted ladder, that is my temporary plein air easel until I can find a good french easel. My other easel is lovely - I bought it off Gumtree and is wonderful! I hope you enjoy my artistic mess!

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