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Today's effort...

Worked conscientiously today... all but finishing touches on these roses.. tick! and then the start of some Albany paintings. I worked with really large brushes on this painting to get the looseness in the roses that I was after. I edited this painting a bit from when I put down the umber layer, it was sitting top heavy on the canvas with the large bud. One of the pleasures of oils is how you can edit your layers as you go.... I have a few sections to touch up so that the highlights pop a little more, but it is nearly done...

Put down a beautiful rich rich rich! blue base for a painting based on the waves at the Gap at Albany. The blue is so deep that we are all quite entranced with it just as it is. Brydie asked if I was finished - I guess it looked good then? I keep walking into the studio and marveling at the depth of colour that you can achieve with oils. Its quite a departure from my usual gentle paintings - but very exciting.

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