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Roses for Mothers Day

I had a lovely mothers day - presents at 6.30am because my girls were off to work, a quick trip to the train station with them and then the whole day was spent painting! Glorious.

I put a glaze on "Abundance" and that is now ready for signing and varnishing. I then did a bit on some pink roses I am working on, but what next for the paintings I have to do? And for some reason I picked up a blank canvas and started from scratch on a completely unplanned painting - another roses, but just big and up close and loose. I put down the raw umber base - it is really one of my favourite stages for my paintings. This one I am experimenting with glazes...something that I have been reading quite a bit about. So not sure where it will end up as I have not done this process before, but am liking the base painting, so the trick will be not to mess it up.

My Mothers Day finished with dinner at a pasta bar in Northbridge with my girls, a stroll through a gorgeous bookshop where I bought myself a Mothers Day present (a book on Margaret Olley), and then gelato and home.

In the words of Lou Reed = a perfect day....

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