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Still life arranging - a satisfying enterprise...

I spent a fun day on Sunday setting up, arranging and photographing an array of still life subjects. I have been really getting myself organised with backdrops, reflective bases and so on to get some great effects with the natural light from believe it or not, my front door! Oh the joys of living with an artist, my daughters say...

They came home to a table virtually blocking the front door, black velvet and so on draped artistically and a range of vases, bowls and flowers from the Kalamunda markets, my garden and some that were hanging over my fence from next door...lying everywhere. I was of course, supposed to be doing some work for my other job. I find this always increases my motivation to do the opposite from what I am supposed to be doing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a little snapshot of some beautiful Mutablis roses from my garden. This rose is always, and I mean ALWAYS... in bloom and is always interesting. I actually love the really delicate little rosebuds - they are really tiny, yet open into a lovely single bloom. Enjoy!

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