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Albany Dreaming

Welcome to my blog. I just thought rather than the news section, I could keep a record of what I am working on etc. I shall give it a go! I will try to post some work in progress as I go ...

So the news? Well, I have returned from my road trip down south and with lots of inspiration from the beautiful coastline around Albany and Denmark. The beaches and skies were absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to get started. However, I am trying hard to be disciplined as am working on a series of rose paintings at the moment. I have promised myself not to get distracted and to complete these first.

I had a great working day today... Some days are just better than others in painting - and today was a good one! Photos to come soon = I just have a few finishing touches to put on my first of the series and then I promise I will share.

But I will leave you with a few photos of my trip. Just because I am so inspired by these beaches....

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